Naming Rights

One of the most powerful ways to show your support of the Bay Farm Middle School program is to purchase naming rights to one or more sections of the building.

If you purchase naming rights to any part of the Bay Farm Middle School, you’ll have the name(s) of your choice inscribed on a large plaque at the building entrance, and depending on the item, separate signage at the area you’ve chosen to name.

Our Progress

We are grateful to all who’ve already supported the development and completion of a Middle School suitable for a 21st-Century learning experience! We have raised $120,000 of our $415,000 goal on naming rights.

Middle School Building

Middle School Building Naming Rights – $250,000

Naming the Middle School building is a significant, yet extraordinarily meaningful gift, designed to put your mark on the facility for years to come.

Reserve Middle School Building Naming Rights Now

The Shop

The Shop Naming Rights – $50,000

The Shop is the crown jewel of the new facility, replete with tools and materials designed to provide students from every program to engage in design thinking and explore a variety of building, crafting and engineering principles.

Reserve The Shop Naming Rights Now

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse Naming Rights – $25,000

Your contribution and purchase of naming rights for The Greenhouse will kick-start the construction and completion of The Greenhouse, an add-on facility to the Middle School which will provide students at all levels with year-round agricultural and sustainability educational opportunities.

Reserve The Greenhouse Naming Rights Now

The Studio – Reserved.

The Studio Naming Rights – $20,000

Understanding the fundamentals of music, photography and video is one thing – being able to explore and experience personal creative expression is another thing entirely. The Studio will be fully outfitted with the latest professional audio and video equipment and software to provide students with the opportunity to make podcasts, compile and edit video, and much more.

Naming Rights for The Studio have already been reserved.

The Collective

The Collective Naming Rights – $20,000

A collaborative space designed with the latest audio-visual connections for delivering presentations, practicing performance, or just relaxing and socializing, The Collective is a space right off the entrance with tiered stadium seating which provides the perfect blend of flexibility and function.

Reserve your Collective Naming Rights Now

Front Porch 

Front Porch Naming Rights – $25,000

The most notable exterior feature of the new Middle School building is the front porch, an expansive block patio covered by a rustic, yet modern, roof structure to provide for weather-protected outdoor activity, whether academic or social.

Reserve your Front Porch Naming Rights Now

Granite Bench

Granite Bench Naming Rights – $15,000

The newly landscaped Middle School grounds have plenty of space for several granite benches, which can be inscribed with your choice of name(s) and messages.

Reserve Your Granite Bench Now

Planting with Plaque

Dedicated Planting Space w/ Plaque Naming Rights – $10,000

The lower level of the Middle School grounds have been set aside for a variety of plantings, sections of which can be reserved for naming individual plots.

Reserve Your Planting Space w/ Plaque Now